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Together as a duo since late 1997, CREE (from the Lehigh Valley, PA) have played almost every weekend since '97 in the Philly Suburbs, Ocean City, MD and the Lehigh Valley areas and are veterans in the local music scene, playing in various bands and eventually teaming up in the same band "DriveTime" where they first met each other in 1994. DriveTime was one of the 5 finalists in 1994's WZZO's Battle Of The Bands at the Allentown Fairgrounds. While Ken was playing in various acoustic duo's during the 1990's, John decided to go this route and CREE was formed. CREE WANTED TO BECOME THE ACOUSTIC ACT THEY'VE NEVER SEEN. Some acoustic acts, can get a reputation of being soft and perhaps background music. Well, CREE is not your average acoustic act. This is a duo with a band mentality. Of course, CREE tends to start the night very nicely with 1 or 2 acoustic guitars. But when John goes to the percussion, the mood changes and it's time to rock n roll. CREE has proudly made their mark on the local music scene over the years and love them or hate them; CREE is different than everyone else. Ken and John also record solo original music in their spare time, as well as working full time day jobs. CREE has a passion for playing music and having fun. While most acts pack up their equipment at 1 am and run home, John and Ken usually play till close as long people are having fun and listening.

CREE are self proclaimed "The Heavyweights in the local Acoustic Scene" for a reason. They are different than most acts. CREE packs alot of sound gear, more than most full bands. Their unique sound combines a solid, ballsy acoustic wall of sound with the energy and backbone of a bass drum, tambourine, and congas. This combined with racks of top sound gear, tight harmonies, crowd participation, and some on stage personality, makes CREE one of the top acoustic acts you'll see. CREE uses NO MIDI or Sequencing Machines and brings tambourines for the crowd to participate with. CREE covers many diverse musical tastes, focusing on classic rock, and are almost always performed in the correct keys or they're not played at all. How bout Bon Jovi or Sabbath instead of Jimmy Buffet or Brown Eyed Girl? When was the last time you heard AC/DC or SABBATH right after a Beatles or Seals & Crofts song? When was the last time you came home exhausted from the mere energy or passion of an acoustic act?? a CREE show!