Ryan Shubert

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Upon the release of his debut EP, “Halfway Past Tomorrow,”
Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Ryan Shubert has
since gained an enthusiastic and loyal fan base
relentlessly supporting his music both locally and online.

With some of the most recognized music blogs in the country
featuring his tasteful and stripped down renditions of cover
songs, there’s no telling where his rapidly growing
online presence will take him.

With his second EP in the works, he plans to create yet
another pop infused album incorporating even more
elements of what his fans have been anxiously waiting for.
Through the combination of his his viral online presence
and loyal local fan base, his next EP and set of
original music videos may just be what takes himself
and his fans to the next level of his music endeavors.

Despite many accomplishments as an artist,
his journey in music has only begun and shows no
signs of stopping while garnering thousands
of views each day on his YouTube channel.
Ryan plans to re-mold the stereotypical
singer/songwriter scene by fusing his jazz roots
with his sophisticated pop melodies.

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